Safari Info

Please Note
Rates include:

  1. Service of a licensed professional hunter
  2. Hunting vehicle
  3. Trackers and skinners
  4. Daily catering and laundry
  5. Local wine and soft drinks
  6. Field preparation and preservation of trophies

Rates do not include:

  1. Trophy fees for all animals, killed, wounded and lost
  2. Accommodation before arrival in camp and after departure from camp
  3. Gratuities or tips are at the client’s discretion
  4. Dipping, packing, documentation, shipping of trophies and any taxidermy work
  5. All airline costs and air charters required
  6. Medical air rescue insurance for the duration of the safari
  7. Government levy which is 2% of total daily rate and 4% tax on trophy fees
  8. Entry visa and airport departure tax
  9. Cites tags for Leopard, Crocodile and Hippo
  10. Pre baiting for cat hunts
  11. Transfer day if option to relocate between two areas
  12. Observer fees
  13. Weapon hire and ammunition if required

Please email for a quotation to or or

Booking Conditions:

  1. Payment of 50% of daily rate to be paid to confirm you safari.
  2. Balance is due 90 days before commencement of the safari.
  3. A deposit for trophy fees should be paid for the billing at the conclusion of the safari.
  4. Bank charges for the clients account.
  5. All animals wounded and not found are accepted as taken and therefore paid in full.


On cancellation there will be no refund of the deposit should the client cancel his safari within 6 months or less of the commencement of the safari. Clients cancelling before 6 months of intended hunt will receive 50% refund of the paid deposit. Alternatively dates can also be arranged without forfeiting deposit.

I t should be noted that any safari is potentially hazardous and essential that all lawful directions of the safari operator will be followed. We accept no responsibility for any illness, accident or loss occurred. We recommend that personal insurance is taken out to cover yourself and your property. 

Species we hunt.

Below is a list of the species we hunt. Please take note of what you would like to hunt.

On our regular safaris we charge a daily rate and then an additional cost per trophy animal taken. The duration of the safari as well as the number of trophies taken is at the discretion of the hunter. Clients are met upon arrival at Harare airport, Victoria Falls or Bulawayo

- Please see below hunt options available:-

No Hunt Package Days required Main species available
1 Classic “Big 4” Safari On Req Ele Bull, Buff, Lion, Leop, Sable, W/Buck, P/Game
2 Classic “21 Day” Safari On Req Ele Bull, Buffalo, Leopard and Plains game
3 Lion Hunt On Req Lion, Buffalo, and Plains Game
4 Elephant Bull / Buffalo 15 Elephant Bull, Buffalo and Plains Game
5 Elephant Bull / Plainsgame 14 Elephant Bull and Plains Game
6 Tuskless Elephant 7 Tuskless Elephant and Plains Game
7 Tuskless Elephant / Buffalo 14 Tuskless Elephant, Buffalo and Plains Game
8 Leopard / Buffalo 14 Leopard, Buffalo and Plains Game
9 Buffalo / Plains Game 10 Buffalo Bull and General Plains Game
10 Buffalo / Sable 14 Buffalo, Sable and Plains Game
11 Sable / Plains Game 10 Sable and Plains Game
12 Buffalo / Hippo / Croc 14 Buffalo Hippo, Croc and Plains Game
13 Hippo / Croc 10 Hippo, Croc and Plains Game
15 Zambezi McNab 10 Buffalo, Fishing & Birding
16 Plains Game 7 General Plains Game
17 Fishing Safari  On Req Tailor Made
18 Birding  On Req Tailor Made

Trophies available are as below:
Species Species Species
Baboon Genet Cat Lion
Buffalo Bull Giraffe Lioness *
Buffalo Cow Grysbok Porcupine
Bushbuck Hippo Reedbuck
Bushpig Honey Badger Sable
Civet Cat Hyena Warthog
Crocodile Impala Male Waterbuck
Duiker Impala Female Wildebeest
Eland Klipspringer Zebra
Elephant Bull Kudu  
Elephant Tuskless Leopard